The storage landscape is quickly changing as flash- and solid-state disks become more affordable and capacities continue to grow, all of which fuels our ability to store ever-increasing amounts of data. To take advantage of these advances requires not only acquiring new storage platforms, but also adapting existing architectures to ensure alignment of new capabilities with current business objectives. Apallas leverages best-of-breed technologies and services to ensure storage investments are deployed optimally and always based on your specific business needs.


Virtualization empowers IT organizations to consolidate and encapsulate business workloads while reducing hardware expenditures. Consolidating hardware means you need fewer servers in your data center, which means you spend less on hardware and maintenance, and less on energy for power and cooling. At its core, virtualization brings infrastructure optimization to light and empowers IT to operate as "one" through converged operations.


Standardization of IT infrastructure can lead to substantial cost savings and more reliable operations. As IT organizations make the transition to cross-functional, solutions-driven teams, your ability to satisfy user demands increasingly will depend on information systems that are adaptive and responsive. Hyper-converged solutions streamline technology delivery and operational processes by radically simplifying infrastructure complexity and reducing management costs. Working with IT, Apallas drives to identify and standardize building blocks for various converged IT functions that are common across your business.

Remote Eyes & Hands

The smooth running of your business may sometimes depend on access to onsite engineers who can provide a rapid response when the need arises and ensure that your mission-critical infrastructure is available and performing well at all times. We offer qualified technicians to carry out routine or emergency support on your equipment in the datacenter.