Container Service

The increasing demands for continuous development, but also a stable environment, while keeping costs low, has created quite a challenge for most organizations. One of the longer term solutions for addressing these conflicting demands is a different approach for running applications. Moving from traditional application servers to segmented containers that can be micro updated/patched, running on containers that exists for seconds rather than months or years

  • Containers allow your platform to scale according to demand
  • Pay for used resources opposed to paying for peak
  • Code errors can be isolated to smaller segments
  • Resource demands can be addressed to individual containers and support a cost based approach

Apallas has a solid experience in working together with developers, both on traditional application platforms and on container-based platforms. We embraced containers since they appeared on the stage as the next big thing. Our homefield is Kubernetes, but have also completed several projects on Docker Swarm. Apallas can leverage our own OpenStack based Private Cloud, allowing a quick time-to-complete project, with minimal financial impact on your platform, a mega cloud provider if global reach is required, or help you implement your own.

This means that we are able to speak with both the old guard and the avantgarde – and help you to decide what to use based on your current capabilities and your future demands. We are not fanatic about any given platform, and take a pragmatic approach balancing the different requirements. Note: we do not do the application development itself, but are able to spar with the developers.

Some of our most used services are

  • Platform design: full design of the platform, including sizing, management and concrete plans for finalizing the project
  • Implementation & Projects: Driving the implementation of the container platform acting as either full lead or assistance during the project. Can act both as project manager, technical resource or both
  • Operations: Either on the Apallas Container-as-a-Service platform or remotely monitor your platform, eliminating bottlenecks and managing lifecycle management and other ITIL disciplines